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Yves Macak: R-zieher - really?!

Yves Macak has been a state-certified educator for over 20 years and opens the door for us into a world that only a fraction of men in Germany even get to see.

A world where men are outnumbered and women like Tofu-Tina and Crochet-Carloine are in the majority. Yves introduces us to a world where chair circles, pottery courses and educational weaving are part of the daily business. It is a world in which the "educational morsel" consists of the poor and one-sided bean and coal products of the Schulhof-AG.

With full vocal and, above all, physical commitment, Yves reports stirringly and pointedly about the long journey from human being to educator and, with tears of laughter in his eyes, allows us to experience first-hand what everyday working life in day-care centres, schools and youth leisure homes really feels like.

An evening awaits them, full of pedagogically dubious, but visually highly stirring comedy and wonderful musical interludes by an educator, as it is written in the self-created and potato printed book.

Please note that the show will be in german.

Artists/Collaborators: Yves Macak R-zieher

Runtime: Sat, 20/02/2021 to Sun, 23/01/2022

Next date: Yves Macak | R-zieher - Echt jetzt?! (Corona Edition)

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