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Milanese String Quartets by Mozart and Monza

Mozart’s “Milanese” Quartets, written during his sojourn in the northern Italian city in the early 1770s, are among the earliest examples of his emerging mastery in the realm of chamber music. The works of Carlo Monza, an eminent musical authority in his day whom young Mozart certainly crossed paths with in Milan, are all but forgotten today. Fabio Biondi and members of his ensemble Europa Galante offer a chance for their rediscovery. Rescheduled several times due to the pandemic, their program finally arrives at the Pierre Boulez Saal.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - String Quartet in C major K. 157Carlo Monza - String Quartet in F major "La fucina di vulcano"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - String Quartet in G major K. 80Carlo Monza - String Quartet in B-flat major "Il giocatore" *** - ***Carlo Monza - String Quartet in D major "Opera in musica"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - String Quartet in G major K. 156Carlo Monza - String Quartet in C major "Gli amanti rivali"

Artists/Collaborators: Fabio Biondi, Andrea Rognoni, Stefano Marcocchi, Alessandro Andriani

Runtime: Sun, 17/03/2024 to Sun, 17/03/2024

Next date: Europa Galante - Mailänder Streichquartette von Mozart und Monza

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