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Jumalattaret: Songs by John Zorn and Olivier Messiaen

Soprano Barbara Hannigan is among today’s most adventurous artists and a renowned expert in contemporary music, having given the world premieres of more than 100 new works to date. The vocal cycle Jumalattaret by New York-born avantgarde composer John Zorn, however, seemed to pose impossible challenges even for her. She finally performed the highly virtuoso work, which is based on texts from the Finnish national epic Kalevala, in 2018. Together with pianist Bertrand Chamayou, she now presents it at the Pierre Boulez Saal, juxtaposed with Olivier Messiaen’s Chants de terre et de ciel of 1938. Selected piano works by Russian sound mystic Alexander Scriabin round out the evening’s program.

John Zorn - Jumalattaret for Soprano and PianoAlexander Skrjabin - Selected Piano WorksOlivier Messiaen - Chants de terre et de ciel for Soprano and Piano

Runtime: Thu, 09/05/2024 to Thu, 09/05/2024

Next date: Barbara Hannigan & Bertrand Chamayou - Lieder von John Zorn und Olivier Messiaen


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