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Chinese National Circus - Tour 2020

The Chinese National Circus has been sharing the unity of body, mind and soul with millions of people in Europe for a quarter of a century. China's best artists and acrobats offer a unique insight into the foreign, mysterious culture.

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China's best artists and the insight into a foreign, mysterious culture are the secret to the success of this successful production, which despite its long existence has lost nothing of its significance and fascination. On the contrary. Due to the annually changing programs, repeat offenders can also look forward to new shows, stories and wonders from the Middle Kingdom again and again. Thus the Chinese National Circus is also the only Chinese circus project that has made this old art form accessible to a broad audience in this consistency and quality. This is one of the reasons why it has already become a permanent fixture in European cultural life and it is no coincidence that the Chinese National Circus with its production "Silk Road" was an official part of the China Cultural Year 2012 in Germany.

The Chinese acrobats enjoy an unrestricted good international reputation and certainly belong to the best of their guild worldwide. Among other things, this has to do with the fact that Chinese acrobatics can look back on 2000 years of history and that the artists can draw on this experience advantage in the technical, mental and spiritual fields. The absolute identification with what one does is one of the elementary basics taught in over 1000 circus schools in the People's Republic. In these prestigious performance centres, the aspiring acrobats are trained in a wide variety of disciplines until, after 10 years, they have reached stage maturity and can then inspire a worldwide audience as professional artists.

Extraordinary, virtuoso, and technically brilliant artists from these talent forges are then to be found year after year in the new programmes of the Chinese National Circus. For 14 years this official cultural exchange project has been under the care of the German director and producer Raoul Schoregge. Dedicated to tradition and turned towards the future with innovative ideas, he has managed to bring China's history, culture and people closer to an interested audience in addition to the acrobatic highlights. Marvel as a bridge between cultures, poetry as a door to another world and fascination as a balm for the stressed soul of us Western Europeans remain the essence of the guarantee that the Chinese National Circus will continue to play its permanent role in cultural exchange between China and Europe for many years to come.

Runtime: Tue, 07/01/2020 to Mon, 24/02/2020

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