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Pasquale Aleardi: Mein Grand Prix de la Chanson

Pasquale Aleardi nimmt uns mit zu Kompositionen der frühen Jahre, die Welthits geworden sind bis hin zu den heutigen Beats einer Generation.

Mein Grand Prix de la Chanson


Mein Grand Prix de la Chanson

Pasquale Aleardi, film and television star, singer and European from a Greek-Italian family, presents us “his” Eurovision Song Contest with four background singers and a band of seven musicians. In the middle of the 20th century, the Eurovision Song Contest was given birth to as the “Grand Prix Eurovision De La Chanson Européenne”, which is where the title of this show comes from. The idea was to show the wide diversity of European music – and to also make a glamorous contribution towards reuniting a Europe that was still divided after World War Two using music as its means.

What emerged was a glitzy major musical event that is followed annually by an audience of millions. It has transformed to become a song contest showing Europe’s variety of cultural facets – thematically, compositionally and in terms of musical interpretation.

Aleardi leads us through compositions from the early years that became world hits, right up to beats from today’s younger generation with songs conveying messages critical of society. Chanson, canzone, Schlager or song – the audience can look forward to a very personal re-encounter with a familiar Europe, and more than anything else to a brand-new look at a surprisingly almost-forgotten musical Europe.

Artists/Collaborators: Danny Costello (Regie und Choreographie), Lutz Deisinger (Konzeption und Künstlerische Gesamtleitung), Timo Dentler (Bühnenbild), Damian Omansen (Arrangements und Musikalische Leitung), Okarina Peter (Bühnenbild), Heike Seidler (Kostüme), Uli Heissig (Autor/in), Stefan Huber (Autor/in), Pasquale Aleardi (Gesang & Moderation), Sigalit Feig, Anke Fiedler, Martin Mulders, Andreas Bieber

Runtime: Tue, 01/11/2022 to Mon, 28/11/2022

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