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Tausche is a Berlin design label for unique bags that have variable flaps. You can change the appearance and pattern of the pockets at any time.

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The Berlin-based design label Tausche produces versatile and multifunctional bags, whose appearance can be changed in a minute: The pocket flaps are attached to the body of the bag with a zipper and can thus be replaced easily at any time. Owners of the bags can buy additional lids with new motifs and fabrics as they wish.

Different Tausche bags for different occasions

The names of the bags reflect the respective functionality: for example, the "Diplomatin" (diplomat) model is tall and slim and can hold a file folder or a notebook. The "Nachtschwärmerin" (night owl), on the other hand, is the ideal companion for going out.

A variety of sizes and colours

The exchange bags are available in different sizes and colours. Each bag is made of tear-resistant, coated polyester fabric. The insets in bright orange are sewn from the same material. As a noble variant, there are some models made of robust cowhide. Tausche bags and accessories are sewn and printed in Germany.

Tausche on the map

Raumerstraße 8
10437 Berlin
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 11:00 - 19:00
Saturday 11:00 - 18:00

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