Vaccinations for children have started at Ikea in Lichtenberg

Vaccinations for children have started at Ikea in Lichtenberg

Another vaccination option against the coronavirus is available for younger children in Berlin.


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A doctor vaccinates a 6-year-old girl sitting on her mother's lap.

On Wednesday morning (29 December 2021), the first five to eleven-year-olds were vaccinated against Corona at the Ikea shop in Lichtenberg, said Andrea Ferber from Johanniter Unfallhilfe in Berlin. "We are starting with around 100 vaccinations per day." The aid organisation runs the vaccination centre on the ground floor of the furniture store on Landsberger Allee on behalf of the Senate Department for Health.

Vaccinations for children only possible by booking an appointment

Lichtenberg's district mayor Michael Grunst (Linke) told the Berliner Zeitung (online/Tuesday): "We need more decentralised services and have to bring vaccinations to the people." According to Ferber, children's vaccinations are only available by booking an appointment. A custodial parent must also be present at the vaccination. The vaccination centre at Ikea is generally open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., but closed on New Year's Day Saturday. The vaccine from Biontech will be used. The vaccination offer is initially planned until 5 February, said a health administration spokeswoman.

Lower dosed vaccine for children

For five to eleven-year-olds, a lower-dosed and differently packaged preparation is used compared to the conventional Biontech/Pfizer vaccine. According to the Stiko, two doses should be given at intervals of three to six weeks. For even younger children, there is no approved vaccine yet.

Vaccination for children in Berlin started in mid-December

Vaccinations for five to eleven-year-olds started in mid-December. Further vaccination opportunities for children of this age are available in Berlin at selected schools, among other places, as well as at the three state-owned vaccination centres on the exhibition grounds in Charlottenburg, in the nearby former congress centre ICC and on the grounds of the former Tegel airport.

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