Stricter Corona Rules: New ordinance in force

Stricter Corona Rules: New ordinance in force

Stricter Corona measures apply in Berlin as of this Wednesday (08 December 2021). Among other things, the Senate has decided on contact restrictions at private meetings and new upper limits at large events. The new ordinance is now in force.


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Private meetings attended by people who are neither vaccinated nor recovered are now limited to their own household plus a maximum of two people from another household. Children up to 14 years of age are excluded. This corresponds to the regulation that the federal and state governments had agreed on Thursday.

Christmas markets: 2G rule applies

For large events with a so-called hygiene framework concept, the Senate has set an upper limit of 5000 participants outside and 2500 in closed rooms. For other events, an upper limit of 1000 people present at the same time outdoors and 200 indoors applies. At all Berlin Christmas markets the 2G rule applies. This means that only people who have recovered and have been vaccinated are allowed to enter. Masks are also compulsory.

Dance events banned from Wednesday

Dancing is no longer allowed in Berlin clubs. However, they may remain open. The federal and state governments had agreed to close clubs with incidence values above 350. From the Senate's point of view, however, legal questions still need to be clarified.

Stricter rules for gastronomy under consideration

Restaurants in Berlin will remain open. However, Health Senator Dilek Kalayci announced on Tuesday that stricter rules, such as minimum distances or a corona test in addition to the 2G rule, are currently under discussion.

Mandatory 3G in more areas

From Wednesday, the 3G rule will also apply on train platforms in Berlin. This means that only those who have been vaccinated, have recovered or have tested negative are allowed to enter. This was already mandatory on buses, trains and regional trains. In official buildings of the Land of Berlin, 3G also applies, and 2G for those staying in closed rooms of libraries and archives. Sports and non-professional outdoor sporting competitions are only permitted under 3G conditions, alone or together with close relatives, if the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

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