Dancing prohibited in Berlin nightclubs from Wednesday

Dancing prohibited in Berlin nightclubs from Wednesday

Because of the sharp rise in the number of new Coronavirus infections, dancing in Berlin nightclubs will be prohibited from Wednesday of next week.

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Although clubs are not yet closed because of legal issues, "dancing is no longer allowed," said the head of the Senate Chancellery, Christian Gaebler (SPD), after a special meeting of the Senate on Friday (03 December 2021).

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Gaebler stated that the federal government had decided to close nightclubs when the seven-day incidence of Coronavirus in Berlin surpassed 350, but that the legal process for this was still ongoing. After the adjustment of the infection protection laws by the federal government next week, the discussion will be picked up again in Berlin as well. The ban on dancing, however, is already possible without the involvement of parliament under the Infection Protection Act. The ban applies from Wednesday (08 December 2021), which is when the new Coronavirus regulations come into force. Restaurants and pubs may remain open as well, but there will be new rules for social distancing and fewer tables.

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