Senate tightens Coronavirus measures

Senate tightens Coronavirus measures

Berliners are once again facing a tightening of the Coronavirus measures.


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A sign in front of a bar indicates admission according to the 2G rule.

These include stricter caps on events, contact restrictions for private meetings and stricter rules for nightclubs. This was decided by the Senate during a special session on Friday (December 03, 2021) after the federal and state governments agreed on stricter Coronavirus rules at a conference of minister presidents on Thursday. The new regulations will be in force from next Wednesday (December 08, 2021).

Contact restrictions for the unvaccinated

In Berlin, meetings attended by unvaccinated and unrecovered persons will in the future be limited to the person's own household and a maximum of two persons from another household. The number of participants at events will also be more strictly limited: There will be an upper limit of 5,000 participants for outdoors events and 2,500 participants for indoors events. A maximum of 30 to 50 percent of the seating capacity may be used at large events in the future. These limits are stricter than those agreed by the federal and state governments, who decided on a maximum number of 15,000 visitors for outdoors events and 5,000 for indoors events.

2G obligation in retail already in force

Some of the rules agreed upon by the federal and state governments are already in force in Berlin, such as obligatory face masks in schools and 2G rules in retail stores. A negative test result is no longer sufficient; only vaccinated and recovered persons have access to most stores already.

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