Tighter Corona rules in force: 2G Plus in many areas

Tighter Corona rules in force: 2G Plus in many areas

Due to a sharp rise in the number of Coronavirus infections and the high occupancy rate of intensive care units, much stricter Coronavirus rules will apply in Berlin from Saturday (November 27, 2021).

2G in Berlin

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Besucher stehen bei der 2G-Kontrolle am Eingang vor einem Weihnachtsmarkt an.

Only vaccinated and recovered people can enter most retail tores - a negative test result is no longer sufficient. Supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies, among others, are exempt from these restrictions. The Berlin Senate had already decided on these new regulations on Tuesday, which also include further safety measures and restrictions in many areas of public life to which only vaccinated and recovered people had access so far (2G).

Mandatory face masks in 2G areas

From Saturday onwards, masks will be compulsory in all areas where 2G rules were already in force, such as in the cultural sector. This also applies to hotels, where unvaccinated persons with a negative test (3G) are still allowed check in. In the case of services close to the body, such as hairdressing, shop owners can decide whether clients need to wear face masks or show a negative test in addition to 2G rules.

2G and mandatory testing in nightclubs

In the case of indoor sports events, organizers can decide between required testing or a requirement to keep minimum distances. In nightclubs, mandatory testing and a maximum occupancy of 50 percent of the venue's capacity apply, which should allow for social distancing.
The previous restrictions in Berlin are thus tightened once again. Already since Monday a week ago (Nov. 22, 2021), only vaccinated and recovered persons (2G) have access to restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, swimming pools, gyms, hairdressing and beauty salons, fitness and dance studios. People under 18 years of age and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempt. In their case, a negative test result is sufficient.

Christmas markets stay open

Christmas markets in Berlin are allowed to remain open for the time being. Visitors are required to wear face masks. Some markets, such as the one on Breitscheidplatz and the one in front of Berlin City Hall, only opened on Monday, while others have been open a little longer. Some organizers enforce 2G rules while other markets still allow unvaccinated people to enter.

Stricter rules for major events from December 1

The Senate also passed stricter Coronavirus rules for large events with thousands of spectators, such as Bundesliga soccer matches or large concerts, which will apply from Wednesday (December 1). The maximum number of people inside these venues will be limited. If the number of spectators exceeds 5,000, only 50 percent of the remaining free seating capacity may be used.

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