Passengers must prepare for 3G rules in public transport

Passengers must prepare for 3G rules in public transport

3G rules in public transport: Only people who have been vaccinated against Coronavirus, tested negative for it or have recovered from a Covid infection (3G) will probably soon be allowed to board buses and trains in Berlin and Brandenburg.

U-Bahn in Berlin

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When the rule will take effect, however, has not yet been determined. "Some questions are still unanswered at the moment," the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association announced on Friday (November 19, 2021). "Nevertheless, we are already preparing for 3G conditions with the transport companies. We also ask passengers to already prepare for the new regulations and to observe 3G rules and the mask requirement in buses and trains in the future."

Bundesrat clears the way for 3G at the workplace and in public transport

Following the Bundestag, the Bundesrat also voted in favor of amendments to the Infection Protection Act pn Friday. These amendments were proposed by the SPD, the Green Party and the FDP. This vote will allow 3G rules to be mandatory in the workplace, but also on buses and trains.

Random checks announced

"Unless passengers have been vaccinated or have recovered from a Coronavirus infection, they must carry proof of a negative rapid test when using a mode of transportation," the transport association stated. "The test must have been taken less than 24 hours ago at the start of the journey." Controls can probably only be implemented on a random basis. The transport association stressed that face masks and constant ventilation of the vehicles lead to a low risk of infection on local public transport.
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