Booster vaccinations possible in Berlin after five months

Booster vaccinations possible in Berlin after five months

In Berlin, vaccine protection against Coronavirus can now be boostered as early as five months after the last vaccination. Previously, a six-month period was recommended.


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"Booster vaccinations are of high importance in this critical phase of the pandemic," Health Senator Dilek Kalayci announced on Wednesday evening (November 17, 2021). So far, 292,000 booster shots have been administered in Berlin, Kalayci stated. Starting this Thursday, booster vaccinations are possible in state-owned vaccination centers as well as other vaccination centers at least five months after the full vaccination.

High demand for booster vaccinations

The chairman of the board of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Berlin, Burkhard Ruppert, preemptively appealed for patience. Boosters for all those willing to be vaccinated would not be possible overnight, he was quoted as saying in the statement. In medical practices, there is a rush and more booster vaccinations are carried out, he said. "We expect, possibly also due to changed Stiko recommendations, a large wave of people wanting to be vaccinated in the next few weeks, which we are trying to deal with as quickly as possible."
Interest among those willing to be vaccinated has increased sharply in recent days and will continue to grow as expected, the Senate administration wrote. "Medical practices in Berlin as well as vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams have been offering booster shots since the beginning of September and are adjusting their capacities to the change in interest."

Stiko recommends booster for all persons 18 and over

When it comes to booster vaccinations against Covid-19, the Standing Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) is massively expanding its recommendation. "Effective immediately, the Stiko recommends Covid-19 booster vaccination for all persons aged 18 and up," the panel announced on November 18, 2021. Previously, the booster vaccination were only recommended to people aged 70 and older, people with immune deficiencies, residents of long-term care facilities, and medical staff and caregivers, among others. As the Stiko reiterated on Thursday, these groups should be given priority for the booster vaccines. It isaAdvised that they should be boosted with an mRNA vaccine regardless of the vaccine previously used. "Those not previously vaccinated should also be vaccinated as a matter of priority," the Stiko stressed.
Recently, there have been reports from many parts of Germany, including Berlin, alleging that vaccination centers or physicians in private practices have turned away people looking to get their booster shot because their last vaccination was less than six months ago.
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