Coronavirus incidence continues to rise slightly

Coronavirus incidence continues to rise slightly

At the beginning of the week, the seven-day incidence for the spread of Coronavirus in Berlin has continued to rise. On Monday, the incidence was 306.2, according to a report by the Senate Health Administration.


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The incidence value indicates how many Coronavirus infections were registered per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. A week ago, the figure was 194.5, while on Sunday, it was 305.7.

No new deaths

The city's health authorities reported 147 new infections within one day. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 242,952 people have been infected with the Coronavirus in Berlin. According to Monday's situation report, there were no new Covid-related deaths on Sunday or Monday. In total, 3759 people have died in Berlin in connection with a Covid-19 infection since the start of the pandemic.
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67.8 percent of people in Berlin fully vaccinated

The incidence is only one value to assess the development of the pandemic. The Coronavirus traffic light of the Berlin Senate showed red here on Monday. The occupancy of intensive care beds with Covid-19 patients was given a yellow light, with a value of 3.7. The so-called hospitalization incidence showed green with a hospitalization rate of 3.2 per 100,000 inhabitants. According to Senate data, 67.8 percent of people in Berlin have been fully vaccinated to date.

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