At least one free Coronavirus rapid test per week planned

At least one free Coronavirus rapid test per week planned

Starting next week, people in Germany should be able to take at least one free Coronavirus rapid test per week again.

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According to government circles, the Federal Ministry of Health wants to offer all citizens one free Corona rapid test per week starting next week.

According to a draft regulation by the acting Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn (CDU), the aim is to prevent people from foregoing tests due to financial considerations, as the German Press Agency (dpa) learned from government circles.

Covid tests no longer free of charge since October

Since October 11, Covid tests in Germany have been subject to a fee. The new regulation is to come into force next week, it was said. According to the plans, all citizens will once again be entitled to at leats one free test per week.

Rapid tests in drugstores and medical supply stores

According to the draft bill, even vaccinated individuals can become infected with the coronavirus, thus "posing a risk, particularly to vulnerable populations." Providers of Coronavirus tests can continue to operate as normal. In addition, only medical supply stores or drug stores would be mandated to provide Covid-19 tests. It should no longer be possible to commission other providers. This new regulation is supposed to prevent the renewed uncontrolled emergence of Coronavirus test stations. According to the new regulation, the federal government expects to spend up to 8 million € for on-site services and 3.5 million € for material costs for each million of tests.
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Reporting requirements for hospitals

The draft also requires hospitals to report the vaccination status of their patients and the number of pregnant women receiving intensive care. In the future, hospitals will also be required to provide a daily report on both their capacity of intensive care beds and the number of their Coronavirus patients, split up into adults and children.

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