Senate agrees on expansion of 2G rule

Senate agrees on expansion of 2G rule

Berliners without vaccination protection will soon have to prepare for further restrictions.

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According to information from the German Press Agency, the Senate agreed on an extensive expansion of the 2G rule during a conference call on Monday evening (November 8, 2021). However, a final decision on the matter has not been reached yet. In view of the pandemic development and the rapidly increasing incidence of infections nationwide - and also in Berlin - access to places such as restaurants, cinemas and theaters should only be possible for vaccinated and recovered people (2G) in the future, not for those who only have a negative test result to show (3G).

2G rule could apply as early as this weekend

According to the outgoing governing mayor Michael Müller, the 2G rule could apply in Berlin as early as this weekend or the beginning of next week. "We have decided on the direction, and that is now being formulated," Müller said on Tuesday on RBB Inforadio. The Senate wants to decide on the new rules and regulations in a special mid-week session, "so that they can be implemented as soon as this weekend, if necessary, or at the beginning of next week at the latest. That's faster than many other states that are still watching whether anything is decided on a federal level," said Müller.

Compulsory testing for vaccinated and recovered persons not planned for the time being

The question in which specific areas the 2G rule will then apply was left largely open by Müller. "It will apply in the catering industry, it will apply in places where many people come together, at events, culture, sports, something like that will also play a role." However, he said, a distinction must be made between outdoors and indoors spaces. However, a so-called 2G Plus rule, according to which vaccinated or recovered people would also have to show a negative Covid test in order to visit places such as nightclubs or partake in major events, is not desired by the Senate, at least not initially as the first step.

Stricter controls announced

With regard to controls, Müller announced that the police and regulatory authorities would "once again take a closer look and carry out more stringent checks." However, he also stressed the individual responsibility of the restaurateurs. "We must all have an interest in making the next few months as safe as possible," said Müller.
Currently, event organizers and restaurant operators have the choice of allowing only vaccinated and recovered persons to enter their premises (2G rule), or to allow entry for those who have been negatively tested for Coronavirus as well (3G rule). In the case of 2G, face masks are not mandatory.
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