Vaccination progress for booster shots in Berlin above national level

Vaccination progress for booster shots in Berlin above national level

According to Health Senator Dilek Kalayci, Berlin is doing well in terms of Coronavirus vaccinations.

Eine Spritze mit einem Corona-Impfstoff wird aufgezogen

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The overall Coronavirus vaccination rate in Berlin is currently at 69.3 percent, said Kalayci on Tuesday (2 November 2021) after the Senate meeting, citing figures from the Robert Koch Institute. That number is about the national average. Berlin did particularly well concerning the vaccination rate of citizens aged 60 and above. There, the rate is at 89 percent, compared to 86.7 percent nationwide. "What we can be proud of are the booster vaccination numbers," Kalayci said. The percentage of people who have received a booster shot is 4.4 in Berlin and 2.5 at the national level.
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"This shows that we are doing some things right concerning immunization management."

Among Berliners over 60, 15 percent have received a booster shot, compared to a national average of 6.3 percent. Here, Berlin is by far the number one nationwide. "This shows that we are actually doing some things right concerning vaccination management," Kalayci said. The Health Senator also presented current figures on the subject of vaccination breakthroughs, i.e. cases where a Coronavirus infection has occurred despite complete vaccination: "We have had 8636 vaccination breakthrough cases in the city so far. This means that the fourth wave is not just the wave of the unvaccinated." This shows that vaccination does not mean protection 100 percent of the time, Kalayci stated. A high proportion of those infected with the Corovarisu (86 percent ) have symptoms; however, only 1.8 percent needed hospital treatment.

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