Post-covid: Corona infection increases susceptibility to other diseases

Post-covid: Corona infection increases susceptibility to other diseases

According to one study, Covid-19 patients are more susceptible to other diseases later in life.


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Corona-Patienten sind nach einer Studie anfälliger für andere Erkrankungen. Drei Monate nach der akuten Infektion haben sie häufiger ärztliche Diagnosen physischer und psychischer Symptome erhalten als andere Menschen.

According to an analysis of health insurance data, patients received medical diagnoses of physical and psychological symptoms three months after the acute Covid infection more frequently than other people. According to the University Hospital of Dresden, not only adults but also children and adolescents are potentially affected by the so-called post-Covid.

Malaise, exhaustion, anxiety disorders, depression, breathing difficulties

In children and adolescents, the most frequent diagnoses were malaise and rapid exhaustion, cough, pain in the throat and chest area, anxiety disorders, and depression. In adults, the diagnoses were mainly related to loss of taste, fever, cough, and breathing difficulties. Several statutory health insurance companies, the Dresden University Medical Center, and the Robert Koch Institute were involved in the study.
"Internationally, this is one of the first large controlled cohort studies on post-Covid. Innovative methodological procedures and the extensive database of our partner sallow for robust statements on longer-term consequences of Covid-19 in children and adolescents for the first time," explained Professor Jochen Schmitt of the University Hospital of Dresden. Schmitt added that further research is needed to understand the links between Covid-19 and the subsequent diseases.

Symptoms persist for months after Covid infection at least

Post-Covid is a medical term for symptoms and health limitations that persist for at least three months after a corona infection or are new. So far, however, it is not clear what exactly characterizes post-Covid and how many people are affected, they said. The analysis included data from more than 150,000 people who were found to have been infected with Covid-19 in the first half of 2020, including nearly 12,000 children and adolescents.
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