«2G» or «3G»: Berlin businesses get to decide

«2G» or «3G»: Berlin businesses get to decide

Those who have not yet been vaccinated against Corona in Berlin could have a hard time getting into a restaurant or event in the future. This is because providers will be allowed to switch to the 2G plan in future, where guests would no longer have to wear a mask.

Senats-PK zu Corona-Maßnahmen

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The Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) speaks.

«2G» or «3G»: Restaurateurs can decide for themselves

In many areas, such as restaurants or events, the operators can then decide for themselves whether to allow access to indoor areas only for vaccinated or recovered people (2G) or also for those who have been tested (3G). In the case of 2G, previous Corona restrictions such as distance or mask would be dropped, and more people would have access than before.
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Senate decides to exempt children under 12 years of age

In addition to vaccinated and recovered people, children under the age of twelve should now also have access to restaurants, events, sports or cultural events that apply this 2G rule. Children from the age of six must therefore have a negative Corona test, unless they are regularly tested as part of their school attendance. This may be the case during holidays, for example. At the same time, it remains the case that from 18 September 2021 operators will be able to decide for themselves whether to allow access to their indoor areas to vaccinated, recovered and tested (3G) as before, or only to vaccinated and recovered (2G).

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