Contact tracing at schools and daycare centres ends

Contact tracing at schools and daycare centres ends

In Berlin, there is a change of strategy in the pandemic at day-care centres and schools: In future, the public health offices only want to send children and young people with a positive PCR test into a 14-day quarantine. Contact persons outside the immediate family will no longer be identified, according to a statement by the public health officers.


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A swab for the test procedure for coronavirus.

"This is a relief for the schools, a relief of work, definitely," said Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) on 27 August 2021. It had already been time-consuming to trace the contacts in the school when Corona cases became known, for example on the basis of seating plans. The schools had done this very carefully. This effort would be eliminated by the new regulation. But it would also be a relief for parents if in future only one child went into quarantine and not a whole class or a sub-class. "That's 14 days in some cases, and it's a burden for the parents when they have to be at home.
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The new regulation will enable Berlin families to return to normality in daycare centres and schools, Neukölln's health councillor Falko Liecke announced on Friday: "Those who are sick stay at home. Everyone else can learn, play and go to work." The new regulation applies to all districts, he said. However, compulsory wearing of masks at schools will continue to apply.

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