Corona incidence in Berlin rises to 16

Corona incidence in Berlin rises to 16

In view of the rising incidence in Berlin, Economics Senator Ramona Pop has warned against lightly jeopardising successes in the fight against Corona. "We must not rest on our current vaccination rate. The last mile in vaccination is now crucial," Pop said on 17 July 2021.

Ramona Pop (Grüne)

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Ramona Pop, Berlin's Senator for Economics.

Low-threshold offers gave the vaccination campaign new momentum in the view of the Green politician. "This also reaches those people who do not go to the GP or who do not yet feel sufficiently informed about the Corona vaccination."
The first drive-in for Corona vaccinations was to start in Berlin on Saturday. In the car park of the Ikea shop in Landsberger Allee in Lichtenberg, anyone and everyone can get vaccinated without an appointment, according to the health administration. Vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are available.
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Within seven days, 16 infections per 100,000 inhabitants were reported on Saturday. According to figures released by the Robert Koch Institute on Saturday, this figure was the highest in Germany.

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