Corona incidence doubled within one week

Corona incidence doubled within one week

The seven-day incidence in Berlin doubled within one week during the Corona pandemic.


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With the dominance of the delta variant, it rose from 6.9 proven cases per 100,000 inhabitants on 9 July 2021 to 13.9. The values are still in the low range. Compared to the national average of 8.6, however, they are higher.

High incidences in people between 15 and 39

Seven-day incidences are currently highest among people between 15 and 39. In the boroughs of Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, for example, they have already risen to just over 20. However, these are age groups in which severe courses of the disease are rather rare. Scientists also expect under-reporting throughout Germany, as corona tests are less in demand due to relaxations.

Occupancy of intensive care beds by covid patients low

According to the Berlin health administration, the assessment of the situation basically depends on the mix of indicators. The incidence value will retain a special weight in the overall view. However, the Berlin Corona traffic light will continue to look at the occupancy of intensive care beds with covid patients. At 3.4 percent, this rate is currently very low. The R-value, which indicates how many people an infected person statistically infects, is also included in the overall assessment. At 1.02, this value in Berlin on Friday was just above the 1 mark. With values below 1, the pandemic can be better contained.
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44 percent of Berliners fully vaccinated

Almost 44 percent of the population in Berlin are now fully vaccinated. However, 85 to 90 percent would be desirable. But Berliners do not seem to be tired of vaccination: at the spontaneous vaccination at Hermannplatz in Neukölln on Friday, 250 doses were not enough - the queue was longer. Tomorrow there will be a pop-up vaccination at the Ikea car park in Lichtenberg. This will allow car drivers to remain seated in their cars at the drive-in. For pedestrians there is another vaccination possibility. Further pop-up campaigns are being planned, also at other Ikea car parks.

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