Number of Corona test sites decreased

Number of Corona test sites decreased

Within a few weeks, more than 270 Corona test sites have disappeared from Berlin again.


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A doctor holds a swab with which a smear is taken for a coronary test.

After a peak of 1,656 so-called "Test-to-Go" sites run by private operators on 8 June, there are now 1,382 (as of 12 July 2021), the Senate Department for Health informed the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in response to an enquiry. The testing capacity in the capital has also dropped significantly in the same period: from 5.4 million weekly rapid tests to 4.4 million. The health administration stated that the capacity utilisation of the test centres was 15 to 20 per cent per day, and that this had been the case "for several weeks".
The authority could not say how many closures were related to complaints. This is not recorded separately in the statistics, it said. Some of the test centres were closed by the health administration, but others were also closed by the districts. At the beginning of June, Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) reported in the House of Representatives that violations of implementation and hygiene rules had been found in some test centres.
The decline in the number of tests was not only expected because of the debate about violations. The relaxation due to the sharp drop in the number of infections is also likely to be a reason. In the meantime, for example, a negative test result is no longer required for visits to the beer garden or the open-air swimming pool. In addition, the vaccination rate is increasing; in some places, proof of a complete vaccination replaces the need to show a negative test result.
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Data on the more reliable laboratory tests (PCR) for the coronavirus also show a strong downward trend: according to the situation report (as of 13 July 2021), the number of PCR tests carried out weekly was around 32,000 the week before last, about half as high as at its peak in the spring. Less than one in 100 laboratory tests was positive for Sars-CoV-2 (0.8 percent). At the turn of the year, it was around 19 out of 100.

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