New Corona relaxations in force

New Corona relaxations in force

In view of significantly reduced Corona infection figures, larger events and private gatherings with more people outdoors are now allowed again in Berlin. Regulations passed by the Senate on 22 June have been in force since this Saturday. There are also relaxations in the retail sector and with regard to the obligation to wear masks. What is new?

Tempelhofer Feld

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People walk on Tempelhofer Feld during sunset in summer-like temperatures.

Contact restrictions

General contact restrictions now only apply indoors. For private meetings outdoors, a maximum number of 100 people present is nevertheless specified as an "orientation size". Previously, the rule was that generally a maximum of ten people from a maximum of five households were allowed to meet. It remains in force for private meetings indoors. Children up to 14 years of age as well as those who have been fully vaccinated and those who have recovered are not counted.


Outdoor events are now allowed with up to 2000 people present at the same time. The upper limit for indoors is 500 people. Previously, a maximum of 1000 participants were allowed outside and 250 inside. For outdoor events with 500 or more people, proof of a negative Corona test or full vaccination is mandatory.


In shopping centres and shops, the obligation to document attendance no longer applies. This means that customer contact details no longer have to be recorded via app or in writing on paper.

Museums and memorials

This new regulation also applies to museums, memorials, libraries and archives.

Mandatory masks

In fitness and dance studios, but also in music schools or at courses and events of the adult education centre, FFP2 masks are no longer mandatory. A medical face mask is sufficient. The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask when shopping or on buses and trains remains.

Public pools

Children up to and including the age of twelve are allowed to swim free of charge in the pools of the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe (BBB) and the leased pools during the summer holidays.
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The universities are allowed to "open to the public" again. For example, students should have the opportunity to participate in catch-up programmes during the semester break.

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