Visits to the hairdresser allowed again without a Corona test

Visits to the hairdresser allowed again without a Corona test

Since Friday (18 June 2021), there are fewer requirements for visits to the hairdresser's: the test and appointment requirement are dropped in the vast majority of cases.


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In the course of the relaxations, which have been in force since 18 June 2021, so-called close-to-body services can again be received spontaneously and without testing. However, customers will still have to wear an FFP2 mask during their visit to the hairdresser. Those who need to remove the mask - for example to have a shave - must still either test negative, be fully vaccinated or be considered recovered.
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Waiting customers must stay outside

The distance and hygiene rules for hairdressing establishments remain strict. A safety distance of two metres must be ensured between places, within which no customer is allowed to stay. Waiting customers must stay outside: they are "not allowed to stay inside the premises".

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