Berlin schools return to face-to-face teaching

Berlin schools return to face-to-face teaching

Berlin's schools are getting much busier again today. For the last two weeks before the holidays, there are once again face-to-face lessons with all pupils.

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The alternation of lessons at school and digital learning at home, which Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) has relied on up to now, will then be over, and with it the smaller learning groups. However, according to the education administration, attendance is not yet compulsory. This means that children do not have to come to school if they or their parents do not want to.
And it is not a matter of going through as much material as possible in the time until the last day of school on 23 June. In a letter to the school headmasters, the education administration has expressly emphasised that in addition to the subject lessons, the pupils should have the opportunity to meet as a whole learning group, to re-establish contacts, to talk about what they have experienced and to tackle joint activities. The education administration has also suggested taking the opportunity to learn outdoors as much as possible just before the start of summer.
A spokesperson for the education administration pointed out on Tuesday that the obligation to wear masks in the schoolyard is lifted today. This also applies if a minimum distance of 1.50 metres cannot be maintained. In closed rooms, the wearing of a medical face mask is still mandatory. And compulsory testing also remains: "Pupils must take a rapid test twice a week."
After the summer holidays, classroom teaching is to continue for everyone. Because of the risk of infection in schools, not only the education administration, but also the GEW trade union and teachers' associations such as the German Philologists' Association have been critical of the return to regular classes before the holidays.

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