Further Corona relaxations expected in Berlin

Further Corona relaxations expected in Berlin

In view of the falling Corona numbers, the Berlin Senate is discussing possible further everyday relief measures today (Tuesday, 01 June 2021).

A woman makes the bed in a hotel room.

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A woman makes the bed in a hotel room.

It is considered likely that further rules will be relaxed. According to a step-by-step plan from mid-May, more could be allowed in sports, culture and leisure, for example, as well as in trade, gastronomy and the hotel industry, and at universities. The plan provides for opening steps on 4 and 18 June.

Relaxations for hotels, gastronomy and private meetings possible

Most recently, there were indications that private hotel accommodation and indoor dining in restaurants could be allowed again sooner. According to information from the business magazine "Business Insider", meetings with family and friends could also be made easier from Friday by raising the limits on the number of people and households.
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Corona incidence well below 40

In Berlin, the number of Corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was slightly below the national average at 32.6, according to the Robert Koch Institute on Monday. This was significantly less than a week earlier, when the so-called seven-day incidence was still at 56. The Brandenburg state government also wanted to decide on Tuesday on far-reaching steps towards more normality.

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