Health administration: Daily rapid test is allowed

Health administration: Daily rapid test is allowed

Berliners can take a Corona rapid test every day if needed, according to the health administration.

Rapid test

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Helpers test a man for coronavirus with a rapid test.

There is no legal limit to only one test per week, said the spokesman for the Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality, Moritz Quiske, to the German Press Agency on 21 May 2021. The corresponding federal regulation states that tests can be used "at least once a week within the framework of the availability of test capacities". However, an upper limit is not specified there, Quiske said. Accordingly, tests are possible several times a week or even daily.
A limit is also set in Berlin by the "availability of test capacities" mentioned in the directive. Currently, almost four million rapid tests per week are possible, said Quiske. The number of test centres is also constantly increasing. Currently, there are about 1200, mostly so-called test-to-go centres, such as those offered by pharmacies or shopping centres. In addition, there are 26 senate-owned test centres. So far, according to the health administration, the test capacities have been far from exhausted.
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For many Berliners, the question of how many rapid tests are allowed per week has so far been a rather theoretical one. This is likely to change, however, the more relaxations there are of the Corona measures, which are tied to the proof of a negative test result. Since Friday, restaurants, pubs and bars in Berlin have been allowed to reopen their outdoor areas. Swimming pools are also open again - but guests must be fully vaccinated, recovered or have tested negative. Many of the other relaxation measures announced for June are also tied to such requirements. In other areas - for example, when visiting a hairdresser - testing has been compulsory for a long time.

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