Berliners regularly let appointments at the vaccination centre lapse

Berliners regularly let appointments at the vaccination centre lapse

Again and again, Berliners do not show up for their agreed appointments at the vaccination centre.

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A clinic worker draws the Covid-19 vaccine onto a syringe for a vaccination.

"Currently, about two percent of the vaccination appointments in vaccination centres are not kept every day," said a spokesperson of the Senate Department for Health on 11 May 2021. Previously, the "Tagesspiegel" newsletter "Checkpoint" had reported. According to its information, the number of cancelled appointments is increasing significantly.

Appointments to be canceled the day before

The appointments could be rescheduled if they were cancelled the day before at the latest, the health administration spokesperson said. It becomes more difficult when those who have made an appointment simply do not show up. A spokeswoman for the vaccination centres said it happens that booked appointments are cancelled. "As is known, those entitled to vaccination book themselves in via Doctolib and sometimes organise a parallel vaccination appointment with GPs, which they then keep."
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Vaccination centres take into account non-appearance rate

This would always free up appointments that could be booked again. Because not everyone cancels their appointments properly, appointments are cancelled again and again. However, the phenomenon is not new. "This low rate is known and is therefore taken into account from the outset when appointments are made," the spokesperson said. "Therefore, at the end of the day, there are still neither appointments left unused nor vaccine left over."

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