Relaxations could come from the middle of next week

Relaxations could come from the middle of next week

Berlin's mayor, Michael Müller (SPD), has announced the first relaxation of the Corona measures for the middle of next week.

Michael Müller

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The Governing Mayor of Berlin

For this to happen, however, the seven-day incidence values must remain stable below 100, so that the federal emergency brake no longer applies. Thus, night-time curfew restrictions could be abolished as early as Wednesday (19 May 2021). The Senate agreed on this on 11 May 2021, as Müller announced after the meeting.

Relaxations only permissible with stable incidence below 100

According to federal law, the threshold of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants must be fallen below for five consecutive working days within seven days before relaxations are possible in Berlin as well. On Monday, the value was still above the 100 mark, on Tuesday it was 93.7.

Openings possible in the cultural sector

Also museums, exhibitions and memorials in Berlin could then be allowed to reopen - the previous hygiene concepts would continue to apply. There would also be relief for children and young people up to 14 years of age in sports: they would then be allowed to train again in groups of up to 20 people.
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Return to reduced regular operation in day-care centres

As early as Monday, Berlin's day-care centres are to return to so-called restricted regular operation, as Müller announced. This means that the lists of parents with system-relevant professions will then no longer play a role in the childcare entitlement. However, the childcare options will remain restricted. Parents should consult with their Kitas about this.

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