Fewer new infections and slightly increasing incidence

Fewer new infections and slightly increasing incidence

The number of new corona virus infections is slightly decreasing in Berlin. According to the situation report of the Senate Department for Health on Sunday (02 May 2021), 57 new corona cases were reported, compared to 499 on Saturday and 198 on the previous Sunday.


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Test kits with swabs are in a test centre for suspected corona cases.

At weekends, the values are usually somewhat lower than on weekdays, partly because less testing is done then. The number of deaths has increased by two. According to the situation report, there is a slight increase in the seven-day incidence. It is currently 122.9 compared to 121.0 the previous day. The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the virus in one week. The 100 mark is regarded as an important threshold for the federal emergency brake. If the value is below that, relaxations of the Corona regulations are possible again, for example in the retail sector. Since the federal emergency brake came into force, the incidence value has been based on the data of the Robert Koch Institute.
In the meantime, there have been 169,015 confirmed Corona cases in Berlin since the beginning of the pandemic last spring, 155,965 of the affected people are considered to have recovered. Across Berlin, 3216 people have died in connection with a Corona infection. There has been a slight improvement in the situation of Berlin's intensive care units: Currently, 25.8 per cent of intensive care beds are occupied by Covid 19 patients. This is the same value as on Friday, but slightly below that of Saturday (26.1 percent). The critical threshold is 25 percent, so Berlin is still in the red zone here, just as it is for the seven-day incidence.

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