1166 New corona infections: Two red lights

1166 New corona infections: Two red lights

In Berlin, 1166 new corona infections have been reported. This is according to the Senate Health Administration's status report of 21 April 2021.


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A doctor takes a swab for a corona test.

On the previous day, there were 759 newly reported infections, on Wednesday a week ago there were 1,327. The so-called seven-day incidence is 150 - this means that, mathematically, 150 people per 100,000 inhabitants have become newly infected within a week. On Wednesday of last week, this value was 140.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, 161 645 infections have been reported in the capital. There have been 3169 deaths related to the virus, six more than the previous day. 147 657 people are considered to have recovered. According to the Robert Koch Institute, more than 20 per cent of Berlin's population received a first vaccination, around eight per cent also received the second.
In Berlin, several factors concerning the infection situation are taken into account in a traffic light. The proportion of Covid 19 patients in Berlin's intensive care units remains in the red zone at 26.9 per cent, as does the incidence value for seven days. The R-value, which indicates how many people an infected person infects on average, on the other hand, is in the green range at 0.85.

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