1019 new corona cases: Incidence on the rise again

1019 new corona cases: Incidence on the rise again

The utilization of intensive care beds by Corona patients in Berlin remained below the critical 25 percent mark on Friday (April 09, 2021).

Probe von einem Rachenabstrich für Corona-Test

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A woman holds the sample from a throat swab at a Covid 19 testing center.

At 23.8 percent, the occupancy rate was 0.1 percentage points below the previous day's figure, according to the Berlin Senate's situation report. The value has been below the threshold since February 9. However, the load on the stations had recently increased rapidly - after the significant resurgence of infection figures.

Incidence value rises to 102.3

Thus, only one of the three Berlin Corona traffic lights is currently on red: the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. This was 102.3 on Friday and had thus risen again slightly compared to the previous day (Thursday: 100.7).

Reporting delays after Easter

1019 new Corona cases have been reported, according to data released Friday. This brought the number of registered infected people to 152,319 since the start of the pandemic in Berlin. The number of registered deaths rose by 12 to 3122 on Friday. However, due to closed doctors' offices with fewer Corona tests and reports around Easter, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) does not expect more reliable data until the middle of next week, RKI head Lothar Wieler said on Friday.
The Corona traffic lights are the warning system of the Senate. It had agreed to take action when it was introduced in the event of two red traffic lights. Green showed the traffic light on Friday further only at the so-called R-value. According to the situation report, it is currently at 0.60 after 0.63 the day before. The reproduction number indicates how many people an infected person infects on average.

Use of intensive care beds by corona patients on the rise

For weeks, intensive care physicians have been warning of overcrowding in hospitals nationwide. The bottleneck is now not the number of beds or ventilators. Rather, the question is whether there are enough nursing staff to care for the most seriously ill patients. Due to the growing number of corona patients, the Charité announced that it would reduce the number of scheduled interventions again starting next week.

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