601 new corona infections: Occupancy of intensive care beds increases

601 new corona infections: Occupancy of intensive care beds increases

Occupancy of intensive care beds in Berlin with Covid 19 patients continues to increase in the third wave of the pandemic. At now 21.7 percent, the value is significantly higher than last time, as can be seen in the situation report of the Senate Department for Health of 06 April 2021.


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At Covid 19 Station.

At the beginning of the last two weeks, the figures were just under 16 and 18 percent respectively. As soon as a quarter of the intensive care beds are occupied by this type of patient, the three-part Berlin warning system, the Corona traffic light, jumps to red for this criterion. It is still yellow for intensive care units.
According to the report, 601 new coronavirus infections have been recorded. The total number of detected cases in the capital since the beginning of the pandemic has thus almost reached the 150 000 mark: To be exact, 149 832 people have now tested positive for the virus. Within one week, 120 infections per 100,000 inhabitants were registered, the so-called seven-day incidence was lower than on Tuesday of the previous week (142.4). However, the development remains difficult to interpret because of the holidays.
Over Easter, the daily reported numbers of new infections were significantly lower. In Monday's situation report, for example, there were only just under 200 cases, on Easter Sunday a good 300. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) pointed out that usually fewer tests are made and reported on Easter holidays. In addition, it is possible that not all health offices and responsible state authorities report to the RKI on all days. Therefore, additional reports can be expected in the coming days.
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3090 people have died in Berlin following Corona infections - an increase of four cases compared to the previous day's report. 137,422 people are now considered to have recovered. The Corona traffic light continues to show red for incidence. The so-called R-value is still in the green zone at 0.93 - it indicates how many people an infected person infects on average.

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