New Corona rules for Berlin come into force

New Corona rules for Berlin come into force

New Corona rules come into force in Berlin today, Wednesday. The important point here is that Berliners must show a negative Corona test to shop in retail outlets, to visit hairdressers or beauty salons, museums and galleries. Supermarkets, pharmacies or drugstores that were also open during the lockdown are exempt from this.

Shop window

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A sign indicating shopping only with a negative Corona test hangs in a shop window.

Companies are now subject to an obligation to provide corona testing at least twice a week for employees who do not work permanently at home. In addition, companies are to offer 50 percent of their office workplaces in so called "homeoffices".

FFP2 mask obligation in public transport

Also new is an FFP2 mask requirement in enclosed spaces beyond one's own four walls. Simpler surgical masks, which were previously allowed as an alternative to FFP2 masks, are no longer sufficient. The regulation applies in buses and trains, shops, doctors' surgeries and hospitals, among other places.
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New corona infections continue to rise

With the package passed last Saturday, the Berlin Senate hopes to get the recently rising Corona numbers under control. Critics, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), say the measures do not go far enough. If the infection figures continue to rise, the Senate reserves the right to tighten contact restrictions, among other things.

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