From Wednesday: Corona tests necessary for shopping and museum visits

From Wednesday: Corona tests necessary for shopping and museum visits

Despite rising Corona numbers and the increasing spread of the more dangerous British variant of the virus, the Berlin Senate is not withdrawing the latest relaxations in Corona measures. However, it wants to safeguard them by significantly expanding Corona testing.


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This was announced by the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) and his deputies Klaus Lederer (Linke) and Ramona Pop (Grüne) on Saturday (27 March 2021) after a Senate meeting.

Negative Coronatest for visits to the hairdresser and shopping

Thus, as of Wednesday, a negative Corona test is a prerequisite for every Berliner to be able to go shopping in shops. This also applies to visits to the hairdresser and museums, but not to so-called system-relevant trade structures such as supermarkets, pharmacies or drugstores, which were always open even during the lockdown.
With this, Berlin deviates from the agreement reached between the federal government and the states at the beginning of March on a so-called emergency brake. According to this agreement, relaxations of the past weeks would have to be reversed if the incidence is stable at more than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. In Berlin, the value has been above this threshold for several days. According to the health administration's situation report on Saturday, it was 138.6.

No special regulations for Easter

The relaxations that have been decided in Berlin since the beginning of March include a slight easing of contact restrictions, open flower shops or garden markets and extended shopping opportunities in other shops as well. Open beauty salons, museums or galleries as well as extended opportunities for outdoor sports are also included. The current contact restrictions are not to change. Accordingly, gatherings of five people from two households, plus children under 14, are also allowed over Easter.
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Home office and test offer obligation for companies

There is a tightening of the rules for companies. According to Müller, they will be obliged to allow their employees to take a Corona test twice a week in the future. There is no obligation for employees to take the test. In addition, the Senate wants a home office obligation for companies because the federal rules are not sufficient for them. According to this, companies are to offer 50 per cent of their office workplaces in the Homeoffice in future. This should significantly increase the proportion of employees who no longer have to commute to work but work at home. This could help reduce contacts and slow down the Corona pandemic, it said.

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