Corona measures have not been relaxed

Corona measures have not been relaxed

For the time being, there will be no further relaxation of the Corona measures in Berlin.

Michael Müller

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Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, speaks at the press conference after the Senate meeting.

This was agreed by the Senate in light of the ongoing Corona pandemic at its meeting on Tuesday (March 16, 2021). It is a difficult situation, said the Governing Mayor, Michael Müller (SPD).

No relaxations for gastronomy and retail

He said the Senate had decided to stick to what was already possible, "but that we cannot afford to do further things." Neither for the catering trade nor for the retail trade are thus further openings planned. The current arrangements for shopping by appointment are not what people associate with strolling and shopping experiences, he said. "But it can be done," Mueller said. "I ask for your understanding that more is not possible."

Current seven-day incidence of 75.1

The seven-day incidence, which is important for assessing pandemic development, has continued to rise in Berlin, reaching 75.1, according to Monday's health administration situation report. Last week, it was still below 60. The reproduction number is 1.46, which means that 100 infected people infect 146 other people on average. Only if this value is significantly below 1 in the longer term will the pandemic be slowed down.

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