Corona incidence rises to 75: 366 new cases

Corona incidence rises to 75: 366 new cases

The important seven-day incidence has further increased in Berlin and has reached the value of 75.1. This is according to the situation report of the Senate Department of Health on Monday (March 15, 2021).


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An undated electron micrograph of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Last week, the seven-day incidence was partly still below 60. The new infection figures are usually not complete on Mondays, because not all reports from the weekend are yet available. The reproduction figure, which is also important, is 1.46. This means that 100 infected people infect 146 other people on average. Only if this value is significantly below 1 in the long term will the pandemic be slowed down.
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Eight more deaths reported

Within 24 hours, health departments reported 366 new infections and 8 additional deaths. The number of deaths has not risen again so far, presumably because most very old people have now been vaccinated. Nearly 450,000 people have been vaccinated at least once since the end of December, and nearly 300,000 of those have been vaccinated twice. A total of 2942 deaths related to the virus have been recorded since the start of the Corona crisis in Berlin. The total number of registered infections in the city is 135 117, and the number of unreported cases is likely to be significantly higher. A total of 126,617 people are considered to have recovered.

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