Berlin schools get 500.000 self-tests

Berlin schools get 500.000 self-tests

Pupils in Berlin are to have the opportunity to use free Corona self-tests in just a few days.


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A student holds her test tube during a self-administered coronatest.

"Deliveries have now started, 500 000 Siemens self-tests are scheduled to arrive in 242 Berlin schools by next Tuesday," Education Senator Sandra Scheeres told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on 12 March 2021. "We can use these 500 000 approved tests to serve the public upper-level centres, i.e. the vocational schools, and the 11th to 13th grades at public and public schools." This will start first with the older pupils, who will be back in school regularly for at least part of the alternating lessons from next week.
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"Each of these students will receive 10 test portions right away. This is all subject to the agreed deliveries," Scheeres said. It is calculated so that the pupils can test themselves twice a week, she said. "When the tests are here on Tuesday, the students will already have the opportunity to test themselves before the alternate classes for grades 10 to 13 start again on Wednesday." Young people would be able to collect the self-tests from schools, the education senator said. "This Friday the first schools will be supplied, the rest then Monday and Tuesday."

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