Pharmacies want to gradually offer free rapid tests

Pharmacies want to gradually offer free rapid tests

Many Berlin pharmacies plan to gradually offer free Corona rapid tests in the coming days and weeks. However, by far not all of the 750 to 800 pharmacies in the city will participate. This was made clear by the managing director of the Berlin Pharmacists' Association, Susanne Damer, on 10 March 2021.

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"We are currently receiving more and more requests to set up test centres in pharmacies," she told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The legal framework has now been clarified. Pharmacies are also allowed to use other, for example neighbouring, premises for the tests. "However, many colleagues tell us that for them, vaccination of the staff entrusted with the tests is a prerequisite," Damer said. "We are therefore waiting to see if this can be expedited." There are also no ideal solutions yet for some questions of organisation and accounting, he said.

Pharmacies already sell Corona tests

Damer says it is still unclear when and how many pharmacies will be part of the testing network planned by the Senate. According to her, about ten percent already offer tests for a fee. In a survey three weeks ago, about 30 per cent had signalled their willingness to participate in the tests, which are free of charge for citizens. "I expect that rate to increase," Damer said, citing rapid immunisation of participating staff in particular as an accelerating element. "We will have a comprehensive test offer in Berlin in the foreseeable future," she said optimistically. "And it will now start successively."
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Pharmacies would have to organise the tests themselves

Pharmacies in particular are easy to reach for citizens. The organisation of the tests on site is the responsibility of the pharmacists. The additional offer should not be at the expense of the supply of medicines - the core task of pharmacies. The Senate has promised that every Berliner can be tested for Corona once a week free of charge. In addition to the current 16 test centres of the health administration and 5 hospitals, pharmacies, doctors' practices and private providers are to participate.

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