Shops may open from Tuesday: Customers need appointment

Shops may open from Tuesday: Customers need appointment

Shops in Berlin are allowed to reopen next week under certain conditions and in a restricted manner.


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A person stands in front of the closed Saturn shop at Alexanderplatz.

Shopping should then be possible with pre-booked appointments ("Click & Meet"). The Senate agreed on this on 4 March 2021 and thus, as expected, implemented the corresponding agreement on the Corona pandemic reached by the federal and state governments on Wednesday, as participants reported. If the Corona incidence value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants remains below 100 within a week, shops will be allowed to let in a limited number of customers for shopping, depending on the size of the shop. However, appointments must be booked in advance via the internet.
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You can also shop in garden markets and garden centres without booking. Bookshops are already open in Berlin. The regulations can be used from Tuesday, Monday is a public holiday in Berlin. If the number of infections rises above 100 again, the permitted openings can be withdrawn. If, on the other hand, they fall below 50, shopping will be made even easier.

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