Lockdown extended until 28 March

Lockdown extended until 28 March

In light of the renewed increase in the number of infections, the lockdown to combat the Corona pandemic in Berlin and Germany will be extended in principle until 28 March. However, depending on the infection situation, there will be a number of options for opening the lockdown. This was decided by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the state premiers in Berlin on 3 March 2021.

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A passer-by drives across the still empty square at the Brandenburg Gate early in the morning 18 March. Berlin remains in lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic.

A gradual opening strategy with a built-in emergency brake was agreed upon: If individual relaxations lead to a strong increase in the number of infections in a region, all facilitations already made will automatically be cancelled again. Berlin's mayor, Michael Müller (SPD), praised the step-by-step plan agreed upon by the federal and state governments as easy to follow. "This is a plan that fits on a DIN A-4 page and where everyone can understand one-to-one where we are now and what I can expect," said the SPD politician, who is also chairman of the Conference of Minister Presidents (MPK), on Thursday night.

Private meetings with another household possible from Monday

The step-by-step plan mentions sports, theatre, museums, galleries or even retail. "What many people consider to be the most pressing questions, such as how things are progressing in my specific living environment and what I can expect, is presented here in five steps on a DIN A-4 page," said Müller. For example, as early as next Monday (8 March 2021), the limitation of private gatherings are to be relaxed. Then private meetings of one's own household with another household will be possible again, but limited to a maximum of five people.

Plan foresees openings of garden centres and driving schools

In regions with a seven-day incidence of less than 35 new infections per week, it can also be meetings of one's own household with two other households with a maximum of ten persons together. Children up to 14 years of age are excluded from this. Up to now, a household may meet with a maximum of one person from another household. After the first openings at schools and hairdressers, garden centres, for example, are now to follow in a second step. Driving schools can also resume operations under certain conditions.

Appointment bookings for retail and museums

Further restricted openings can already be made in regions where only the seven-day incidence of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is not reached. In addition to appointment shopping offers in retail, museums, galleries, zoos, botanical gardens and memorial sites can then open for visitors with appointment bookings. Opening steps beyond that are to be made dependent on the previous step not having led to a worsening of the seven-day incidence for 14 days. Then it is initially a matter of opening outdoor gastronomy, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and opera houses, for example, as well as non-contact sports indoors and contact sports outdoors.
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Publication date: 23. May 2022
Last updated: 5. March 2021

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