12 percent British Corona variant in Berlin

12 percent British Corona variant in Berlin

In terms of the growth of the share of the Corona variant discovered in Great Britain, Berlin is currently apparently still behind the nationwide development.


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Twelve percent of the positive samples from the past week (7 to 14 February) were the B.1.1.7 mutant, a spokesperson for the health administration said on 19 February 2021 when asked. An increase is also expected in Berlin. Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) had recently put the proportion at ten per cent, referring to data from Friday of the previous week. She had warned that the variant could soon dominate.
According to a report published on Wednesday by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the proportion of this variant rose from just under 6 to more than 22 percent nationwide within two weeks. This figure refers to random samples from the past week. Nationwide, not all positive Corona tests are examined for variants.
However, the variant already plays a major role in samples from hospitals in Berlin. According to data from Labor Berlin, 28 percent of the 70 or so analyses carried out last week showed evidence of B.1.1.7. The week before, the figure was 19 percent. Evidence of the equally more infectious variants from South Africa and Brazil is much rarer in the hospitals, with a share of around one percent.
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The virus mutation from Great Britain is estimated to be at least 35 percent more contagious than earlier forms. It is also feared, based on the experience of countries such as Denmark, that the proportion of the variant in Germany will increase rapidly and significantly. This is considered a risk for loosening.

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