71 new corona infections in Berlin

71 new corona infections in Berlin

In Berlin, there have been 71 further proven new infections with the corona virus. This is according to the Corona situation report of the health administration from Sunday (14 February 2021). This is significantly less than the previous day (204).


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A doctor takes a swab for a corona test.

At the weekend, the health offices do not report their complete data. However, the figure is also significantly lower than on Sunday of the previous week (156). Since the beginning of the pandemic about a year ago, 124,790 people have been infected with Corona in Berlin. Of these, 115,319 are considered to have recovered. The number of deaths related to the Covid-19 disease is 2609, which is 4 more than the day before, when 8 deaths had been reported.

Seven-day incidence still in the red zone

The proportion of intensive care beds in Berlin occupied by Covid 19 patients has also decreased: It is at 21.9 percent compared to 22.7 on Saturday and 25.6 last Sunday. Since Tuesday, the value has been moving ever more clearly below the limit of 25 per cent, according to the situation report. The Corona warning traffic light has changed to yellow at this point and only shows red once more - and that is at the so-called seven-day incidence.

Yellow phase not yet in sight

In the past seven days, an average of 56.8 out of 100,000 people have contracted the virus, compared to 59.3 the day before. However, the yellow phase is not yet in sight: the traffic light would only change at a value of 30, and green at 20. There is already a green signal, however, for the so-called R-value. It indicates how many other people an infected person infects on average - it is 0.94. However, the value has risen compared to the previous day (0.88). And only if the R-value remains permanently well below 1 can the incidence of infection be contained.

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