384 new corona infections in Berlin

384 new corona infections in Berlin

The number of new infections with the corona virus in Berlin is 384. According to the Corona Situation Report of the Health Administration of 12 February 2021, this was 12 fewer than the day before, but 34 more than a week ago.

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A cotton swab with a smear is processed in the laboratory for a corona test.

The so-called seven-day incidence has improved further: in the past seven days, an average of 61.3 out of 100,000 people have been infected with the virus. At this point, Berlin's Corona warning traffic light is still unmistakably red; the light would only turn yellow at a value of 30, and green at 20.
The proportion of intensive care beds occupied by Covid 19 patients is 24.1 per cent, according to the situation report. This is below the threshold for a red signal, which is 25. On Monday, the value last moved just above that. Since then, the traffic light has only shown red once. The so-called R-value, which indicates how many others an infected person infects on average, is now 0.77 and thus in the green zone. It must remain permanently well below 1 in order to slow down the infection process.
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Since the beginning of the pandemic about a year ago, 124 515 people in Berlin have been infected with Corona. Of these, 114 823 are considered to have recovered. The health offices reported 2597 deaths related to the Covid-19 disease, which was 24 more from Thursday to Friday.

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