Schools in Berlin open on 22 February

Schools in Berlin open on 22 February

Despite the extension of the lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic, schools in Berlin are to reopen gradually from 22 February. This was announced by the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) on Wednesday (10 February 2021) after federal and state consultations.


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A mouth-nose protection lies on the table of a pupil.

Other federal states are also oriented towards this date, added the current chair of the Conference of Minister Presidents (MPK). Müller described the opening of schools and day-care centres, which the states are to decide on independently, as a difficult balancing process between health protection on the one hand and the social consequences of further closed facilities on the other.
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It is not a question of opening up in one fell swoop, but of "a gradual ramping up of attendance at primary schools" with alternating lessons, hygiene rules and also new testing possibilities for teachers and children. Those tests would offer "more security", so that the federal states could go down this path "with a clear conscience". "School cannot be left out of the infection picture," Müller said. But scientists also said: "There are no special conspicuous features in the children, certainly not in the very young ones."

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