Keeping distance: More buses and trams for equalisation

Keeping distance: More buses and trams for equalisation

In Berlin, more buses and trams will be used from next Monday (15 February 2021) to allow for equalisation on heavily used lines and thus more corona distance for passengers.

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Passengers get on and off an S-Bahn train at Alexanderplatz.

This was decided by the Senate on Tuesday, according to Transport Senator Regine Günther (Greens). According to the decision, BVG will provide up to 100 buses for about 50 lines throughout the city. In addition, there are eight tram trains that are to provide additional capacity on the heavily frequented lines M5 and M8/18.
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Additional buses and trams until Easter

According to Günther, the concept, for which the Senate is providing five million euros, will initially be valid until the Easter holidays and will be reviewed at the beginning of March. In addition to rush-hour traffic, it is aimed primarily at school traffic, which will increase should the schools, which were largely closed during the lockdown, reopen. It is not yet clear when this will be the case.

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