Berlin expects new Corona vaccine

Berlin expects new Corona vaccine

Berlin is expecting supplies of the coronavirus vaccine: 29,250 vaccine doses from the manufacturer Pfizer/Biontech are due to arrive in the capital on Tuesday (02 February 2021), according to the health administration.

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Six syringes of Covid 19 vaccine are in a tray.

Next week, specifically on 10 February, the fourth of six planned vaccination centres is to open, it was further reported. This is the vaccination centre at the former Tegel airport. So far, the vaccination centres in the Arena Treptow, in the Erika Heß ice stadium in Wedding and under the radio tower on the exhibition grounds are open. However, they are all underutilised because there is a lack of sufficient vaccine.
At a "vaccination summit" with the manufacturers on Monday, the federal and state governments agreed to coordinate more closely on the quantities to be supplied gradually. In future, they also want to model certain assumptions in a "national vaccination plan" in order to be able to better estimate vaccine quantities in advance. After the "vaccination summit", Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) reaffirmed the goal of offering vaccinations to all German citizens by the end of the summer on 21 September. By the summer, the supply quantities are expected to increase significantly, according to a new estimate by the Ministry of Health, which became known on Monday.
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"To be honest, as things stand today, we have to say: it will remain tight in the first quarter," said Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) after the vaccination summit. People's expectations could not yet be fulfilled 100 per cent because production - as became clear in the round on Monday - could not be expanded at will. From the second quarter onwards, so much vaccine will be available that things will progress "in big steps", Müller was convinced. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), more than 130,000 doses of vaccine have been injected in Berlin so far (as of 31.1.21). Around 33,000 people have already received their second prick. For immunisation, each person must be vaccinated twice at intervals of several weeks.

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