Berlin awaits new Corona vaccine delivery

Berlin awaits new Corona vaccine delivery

Berlin is expecting a new shipment of Corona vaccine on Tuesday (26 January 2021). According to the health administration, 23,400 doses from the manufacturer Pfizer/Biontech are due to arrive.


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A vaccination team worker checks a syringe containing the Covid-19 vaccine.

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A delivery of 3600 doses of vaccine from the manufacturer Moderna is also expected to arrive in the course of this week. The health administration has not yet given an exact date for this. In the next few weeks, the quantities delivered are expected to become more stable, after there had been a jolt here recently and Berlin - like all other federal states - had to make do with smaller delivery volumes than initially planned. Since the start of the vaccination campaign on 27 December, 92,800 doses have been injected in Berlin, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), and about 18,200 people have already received their second shot. For immunisation, each person must be vaccinated twice at intervals of several weeks.

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