1306 new corona infections in Berlin

1306 new corona infections in Berlin

The number of infections in the Corona pandemic in Berlin remains at a high level. According to the situation report on Wednesday (6 January 2021), the health offices reported 1306 new infections, compared to 1235 the previous day.

A bed in an intensive care unit.

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A bed in an intensive care unit.

There was also no easing in the occupancy of intensive care beds. The occupancy rate with covid patients continues to be more than one third (35.2 per cent). The Senate's Corona traffic light jumped to red in this area weeks ago at the limit value of 25 per cent.
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55 more deaths in Berlin

A strict ban on visiting the Charité is now also in force from Thursday, with a few exceptions for young patients and the seriously ill. To contain the Corona pandemic, public life in Berlin remains largely shut down for the time being. On Wednesday, 55 more deaths were registered. The total number of people who have died in Berlin since the start of the pandemic is now 1445, all verifiably linked to Covid-19. Meanwhile, almost a fifth (18.7 per cent) of PCR tests for the virus are positive. This is the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic. However, only people with severe symptoms are still being tested.

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